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Symbian Application Development

Symbian platform is an open source operating system for data enabled mobile devices and smart phones. Over the years, Symbian Development has resulted in large scale development in the mobile phone industry. A number of Symbian manufacturers provide a software developers kit (SDK) for Symbian software development with a set of tools, emulators, APIs, libraries and documentation. We at ExtendMobi ensure that our team is well equipped to offer you concurrent customized Symbian Application Development that comprises Security Applications, multimedia features, GPS Applications and Bluetooth-based applications. This technology has allowed us to get products and solutions we could only dream about a few years back. These advanced offerings ensure that we are the first and foremost choice of clients all over the globe.
ExtendMobi has a team of talented developers committed to Symbian Mobile Application Development. They operate by channelizing the power of SDKs & other available technologies to offer technologies for the future. Our proficiency in C++ and .Net technology enables us to provide advanced Symbian Mobile Applications to our clients at prices our competition just cannot match. We strongly believe that Symbian Development is extremely important for the development of state-of-the-art software that in turn helps in offering the very best to clients and their customers. The last few years have seen a massive development in mobile technology and we at ExtendMobi have worked hard to keep up with the race to provide the best technology to customers at the best prices. Our Symbian application development services include:
- Regarding security
- Applications for multimedia
- Applications regarding clients/ server
- Customized Symbian based applications
- Data transfer Symbian application development
- Applications regarding E-commerce, communication
- Games & multimedia enabled Symbian software development
- Bluetooth based and messaging Symbian application development

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